Friday, May 16, 2014

gluten free, bikini model diet plan

hey there Jenn here,

people always ask me how I stay so skinny, mostly good genes, but I do have a particular diet that really helped loose my baby weight, and has kept me thin without any serious exercise...

and my diet is gluten free as well
and inspired by models diet plans

breakfast items
-toast (wheat)
-oats cereal

lunch items
-peanut butter and banana sandwich (or honey or jelly instead of banana)
-turkey sandwich w/minimal mayo (add lettuce, tomato, etc.)
-salad (don't use store bought salad dressing use olive oil and vinegar, or a homemade dressing)
-bean and mozz cheese and wild rice burrito (I like mine w/tabasco but any salsa you prefer/guac or sour cream)
-chicken fajitas
-chicken teriyaki and wild rice

snack items
-avocado slices with sea salt
-edamame and sea salt
-cucumbers in vinegar and oil
-apples and peanut butter
-sliced fruit
-smoothie/protein shake
-granola bar/protein bar

(above- blonde, me pregnant 200lb, below- me now 130lb)

for more recipes and tips to get skinny fast check out this ebook!!! it really helped me!!!

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